Stations: a list and a layout

The layout of the Way of the Cross

M. The beginning of the route of our Lord Jesus Christ
I. The Last Supper
II. On the Way to the Mount of Olives
III. Gethsemane
IV. Jesus Arrested
V. Crossing the Kidron Valley
VI. Disciples Flee Jesus before the Gate of the Town
VII. At the First Gate of Zion
VIII. Jesus Taken to Annas
IX. At the High Priest Caiaphas
X. Jesus Imprisoned in the Basement of Caiaphas’ Palace
XI. The Second Time at Caiaphas
XII. At the Second Gate of Zion
XIII. Jesus before Pilate for the First Time
XIV. The First Time at the Iron Gate
XV. At Herod’s
XVI. Jesus Ridiculed by Herod for the Second Time at the Iron Gate
XVII. Jesus Taken to Pilate through the Second Town Gate
XVIII. At the Second Town Gate Jesus Found Worthier of Death than the Rebel Barabbas
XIX. Jesus Flogged at the Gate of the Town Hall
XX. At the Forth Gate of the Old Town
XXI. Jesus Sentenced to be Crucified
XXII. Jesus Takes His Cross
XXIII. Jesus Falls for the First Time
XXIV. Jesus Meets His Mother
XXV. Simon of Cyrene Is Forced to Help Christ with the Cross
XXVI. Veronica Wipes Christ’s Face with Her Veil
XXVII. Jesus Falls for the Second Time
XXVIII. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
XXIX. Jesus Falls for the Third Time
XXX. Jesus Stripped of His Garments
XXXI. Jesus Nailed to the Cross
XXXII. Jesus Dies on the Cross
XXXIII. Jesus’ Body is Taken down of the Cross
XXXIV. Jesus Laid in the Sepulcher
XXXV. The Finding of the Holy Cross