Šv. Kryžiaus Atradimo bažnyčia – kompozicinis ir idėjinis Kalvarijų ansamblio centras. Arnoldo Stasiulio fotografijaBuilt high up on a hill, the baroque- style Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross is the centre of the Vilnius Calvary ensemble both physically and conceptually. It is closely related with the Stations of the Cross and it is a part of them. The hill itself on which the sanctuary stands is quite similar to Mount Golgotha. The three stations (numbers 31 to 33) recalling Christ’s crucifixion, death and removal from the Cross, form part of the church building. Stations number 31 and 33 are on the outside walls near the transept, while station 32, “the Crucifixion”, is the main altar itself inside the church.

Bažnyčia iš pievakarių pusės. Arnoldo Stasiulio fotografijaArchitecturally, the church is a vaulted basilica of Latin- cross shape. Two 77, 5 m high towers, which narrow at the top and end with plastic forms helmets, embellish the façade. The architectural forms of the building are highlighted by polychrome. The main façade of the sanctuary is particularly embellished, with prolonged forms, windows, niches and pilasters of the walls create the vertical line and emphasize the height of the forms. The façade is facing to the Way of the Cross where the steep high steps lead. Looking up from the base of the stairs, the vertical lines of the church’s architecture stand out, giving the edifice a particularly solemn appearance.